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Coming into Baruch, I knew very little people. All the friends I knew from this school, had class really late so I wasn’t exactly able to chill with them. I decided that if I wanted to meet new people and … Continue reading

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Jam Session at WBMB

Hello my name is Khadim Ndoye,and I am a freshman at Baruch college. My student life enrichment activity was joining WBMB the Baruch college radio. When I first joined the radio station they t I learned how to edit voice recordings so that they sound more pleasurable. In addition to that on Thursday night we were in the club room having a jam session with instruments that we never used before, such as accordions and ukuleles. After that some of the older members were on the on air room filling dead air with their attempt at DJing. Ps my new name is #3.

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Last Tuesday I went to an Asend meeting. They were preparing for the Career fair, that coming Friday, and had guest speakers from CohnReznick, an accounting firm. Not going to lie, going to this meeting was a last minute thing, so showing up late and severely underdressed made everything at first pretty intimidating. We were broken into 3 groups to have a chance to talk to each guest speaker and so I ended up being separated from my two friends that I came with. When I was seated in my group, it was nerve wrecking. I was late, I interrupted them, I was underdressed, etc. But they didn’t mind and carried on which helped me lrelax a bit. Unfortunately, I was only able to listen to 2 of the 3 guest speakers, but both of them were very informative and interesting. It was a nice experience. They were welcoming, I learned a lot about the business world, and I’d totally would so this again.

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Japanese Anime Asylum

I attended the J.A.A club meeting on Thursday. Everyone in the club was very welcoming and makes you feel as if you have been a member just as long as they have. There was never a dull or quiet moment and so many new people that I met that shared the same interest in anime such as myself. It was loud and actually the most fun I feel I have had at Baruch so far. I forgot that i was at school at one point. I do not have any regrets about about going and definitely will be going to the next meeting.

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As my friend and I were desperately trying to find any club to join before Friday’s deadline, we came across a club poster that resembled commonalities that we both had: United Chinese Language Association. We decided, why the heck not, to take a visit down to 9-155 VC.

It was like nothing we have ever seen: a room with good and lively spirit! It didn’t matter who you were, you couldn’t resist but to be happy. Being not happy made you the alien of the pact. Although I had to make an early dismissal, I knew that UCLA was something special.

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Career Fair

Hey everybody!

On Friday, September 15th, I visited the career fair at Baruch. I have never actually went to one before, so I took the advice that you guys gave at FRO and wore business attire (As well as making a lap around instead of going to one stand). It was a really interesting fair that I had never attended before, and seeing all of these corporations and businesses made me both anxious and excited for my future. I was intimidated by the professionalism, but I hoped that one day I could be apart of it.

It was a great experience and I hope I get much more opportunities to act upon to further my academic and professional life.

-Alex Rozdolsky

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Student life workshop: UCLA General Meeting

I saw this UCLA Chinese Program Meeting poster on the wall that day. Since I am from a family with Chinese background, I thought it would be interesting to attend this event. The event took time on Thursday, 9/7/2017, 12:40 PM to 02:20 PM. I did not know that UCLA stands for The United Chinese Language Association until I was there. People there gave us a nice presentation on the Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most celebrated holidays in China. They taught us words associated with the the holiday. From that point, I understood that this club is not just like a Chinese lecture class. It is a club where people can join to explore the Chinese culture, and the Chinese language while having fun. After they finished the presentation, we played some riddle games together, it was a lot of fun. Although I did not stay there for the full duration of the meeting, I learnt lots of things about this club.

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Baruch Exchange Program

On Thursday, I attended a fair in the B2 gymnasium that was about the Baruch College Exchange Program. The event had representatives visit from colleges and universities located all over Europe and Asia to inform Baruch students about opportunities to study abroad. I spoke with a student from the University of Ghent, located in Belgium. He told me about his school and all the perks that come along with studying abroad. The campus of his university is spread out on the grounds of a castle-like building, which is how he and his poster board described the college. Ghent has many tourists come to visit the beautiful medieval city. It is described as the “Venice of the North” due to the city’s many river cannals. Potentially attending the University of Ghent would be an unforgettable experience.

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UCLA General Interest Meeting (Student life Workshop)

I attended the GIM for UCLA on August 31st after hearing about it at convocation. The first thing I noticed when I got to their room was that there were an absurd amount of people. Me and friend struggled to get in and because there were no seats left, we had to sit down on the floor. The leaders introduced themselves on their power point slides while also showing us the number of activities that happened in their club. After they introduced themselves, we played a number of games ranging from Pictionary to a game with questions only. After we played these games, they provided us with some Chinese food and then we all took a group picture together.

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Career Workshop: Alpha Kappa Psi EY

I attended the GIM of the Alpha Kappa Psi on September 5th, 2017 and I honestly thought it was a pretty boring fraternity mainly because I left right after the free tacos with my friends. I thought I would not be visiting this fraternity anymore, but my cousin invited me to the AKΨ with EY event that was on September 11th, 2017 and said that he will be one of the speakers for this event. Since he was a cousin that I have not seen in a while, I went to cheer and support him. During the event, I was honestly amazed at all the information that the four EY speakers were giving. I learned that: the morning of Monday is the best time to email companies, the GPA requirement to get into EY, the importance of a google calendar, interviews are supposed to be conversational, and etc. After the meeting, we were able to speak with the other members of AKΨ and I was able to learn more about the fraternity as a whole and how it can be beneficial in the business field. I became really interested in this fraternity after I had a chat with the members but currently, I still want to explore the school more so I might join this fraternity next year.

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