Career workshop

I went to the Marketing Expo  on Thursday 11/16/2017. When I first came in, I saw some people with name tags. I asked one of the managers of the event, and I found out hat those people are experts in the marketing world. The place was crowded. I luckily found seat.The event starts, one expert of the field came up to present us a little presentation. The presentation was about the differences between marketing and advertising. For example, marketing focus more on business strategy, financial management, and budget, advertising focus more on creative strategy and development. Then, he specifically talked about the world of marketing. I learned that connecting and networking with a lot of people helps you success in the marketing. Then a few more experts came on the stage to present. I did not stay the full duration of the expo, but I still learned a lot from this experience. This event makes me interested in the world of marketing, I might take marketing as a major in the future, but I am not too sure though. I will continue to attend this types of events in Baruch.

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Majors and Minor Fair

Last Thursday, my friend and I went to the fair during club hours to have something to write about for the third blog. The idea of having the fair was pretty interesting, so I gave it a shot. It took place in a really tight space, so things felt chaotic and rushed. I collected fliers and packets from all the booths I visited to keep myself on my toes and open minded. Though I couldn’t think of any good questions during the fair, the representatives of the majors / minors looked ready to slam down any question thrown at them as I eavesdropped from others.

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Major and Minor Fair

Last Thursday I went to the Major and Minor fair. It was very informative. Before the fair, I was undecided. So I thought I’d checkout the fair to help me narrow down my list of possible majors and it did. I learned about many majors and minors and their benefits to different types of jobs. For example, minoring in psychology is good for when you plan on going into the field of marketing. I also learned about majors and minors that I thought I would have no interest in. I learned a lot from this event and although I wasn’t able to choose a major, it helped me come a bit closer to knowing what I want to major in.

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Baruch Voices

Hey guys!

Recently, I went to the Baruch Voices event with my friends and listened to all of the people’s monologues. It was honestly a really fun event because of all of the variety of content – ranging from comical to serious to being extremely heartfelt. It’s obvious that many people were using this event and assignment as a way to speak candidly and from the heart. It was a really fun experience and my friends and I were able to be a part of our school while also having a great time. All in all, the event was really enjoyable.


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Writing Center(academic)

On this Monday, I registered for written feedback from writing center for my psychology project. It was really simple to register it. All I had to do was just log in to the writing center website and make an appointment. Since I did not have time to actually have one-on-one session, I just did it online. However, it still gave me a good advice to make my research paper better.

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Academic Workshop – Major and Minor Fair

I went to the major/minor fair on Nov 9th with my friends. I actually know what I’m going to major in, but I decided that I can still expose myself to different areas, who knows I might change my mind (lol). However, I am still sure that I will go for Marketing major because that’s what interests me the most among all the business majors. After attending the major/minor fair, I think I might go with a language minor, most probably Chinese, because I’m already speaking it. I hope that it won’t be difficult because I really hope that I can spend more time in my major class and work. After all, the fair is really helpful as it is very informative and interesting.

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(Academic) Major and Minor Fair

On November 9th, I went to a Major and Minor fair. I wasn’t too sure of what I wanted to major and/or minor in so I thought this fair would help me out. I was already planning to take psychology as my major and art as my minor but I wasn’t 100 percent sure about it.

But as I went around the fair, I got to hear about what some majors/minors were and what kind of jobs were out there. There were some majors and minors I could’ve cared less about but this fair made me think otherwise. However I wasn’t able to still figure out if I wanted to study for psychology or not. I hope I am able to pick out my major soon, but if not, I still got time before sticking with one.

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Academic Workshop

Coming into Baruch I was informed by multiple people about how difficult calculus is. At first, I thought I would be fine with Calculus but after the first midterm I took, I realized that I was struggling with Calculus and needed help. So I decided to sign up for Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC). SACC helped me with my homework and questions I had about the problems I got wrong on my first test. The student tutors explained the math concept that I struggled with at a slower pace which really helped me understand the mistakes I did on the test and how to approach the problems. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience that has helped me with my calculus class.

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Academic (Major and Minor fair)

Before I even attended Baruch College, I only knew that it was a great college for business. Now that I’m actually attending Baruch College, I’ve embarked on a business path. However, I still only knew very little about what the school had to offer so I decided to attend Major and Minor fair. And it definitely helped out a lot. They offered a lot of useful information regarding the majors and minors. I’m planning on majoring in Marketing for business path (initially it was accounting but loss motivation), and I didn’t know exactly what minors to take. They offered a list of classes I needed to take for my course and the opportunities mine had to offer. Out of all my minors they told me about, Business Communications stood out to me and it also went well with my major. Overall, the fair was very informative and gave me the insight I needed for picking my minor.

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Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)

Since September, I have been involved with the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. So much so that I would consider myself a member. In IVCF, one of the most popular forums is Coffeehouse, which is almost every Thursday during club hours. We discuss topics from the Bible and usually a student leader of the fellowship would connect a Bible story to his/her life so that everyone could understand the story better. Being a Christian myself, surrounding myself with like-minded people, especially throughout the hectic week of quizzes, tests, and assignments, is truly freeing and helps me get my head screwed back on. Also, seeing other teens and young adults so enthusiastic about God encourages me to improve my walk with Christ.

One thing that I like about IVCF is their collaboration with other clubs on Campus. Last Thursday, the fellowship joined together with Korean Campus Crusades for Christ (KCCC). I got to the assigned room a few minutes late and was extremely scared to go inside. I was scared because I knew a whole bunch of Koreans would be in there. Me, an African American, walking in there would have been very awkward. Anyway, after giving myself a pep talk, I finally walked in. The lights were turned off and almost everyone’s eyes were closed as they sang the songs for the worship session. No one was looking at me!! Sadly, I only got to sing along with a few songs (since I missed some because of my cowardliness) before the speaker went up to talk. He gave a great sermon on how to pray, which was very informative.

In conclusion, I really appreciate the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and what it stands for. I plan to become more involved and maybe have a leadership role next year. I would encourage Christians and anyone curious about God to go to one of the meetings.

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