Resume Workshop

On Thursday, November 2nd, I attend a resume workshop at the Starr Career Development Center. One of the most important things in order to get a job is to write an resume, which includes your education, experiences, skills, and contact information. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to improve and perfect on my existing resume that I’ve written in high school. I’ve had experience in writing resumes, so I somewhat knew what to expect when entering this workshop.

There were many points to an resume that the instructor told us about.One of the most important things is writing the resume in the correct format. If your resume is not even in the correct format, the company might not even take the time to read it and throw it our immediately, just because it is considered “unprofessional.” There were certain fonts, font sizes and margins that were appropriate to be used in a resume. She also mentioned that one’s resume should not go over a page and that the experiences and events we list need to go in chronological order. In addition, she also said that depending on the field we plan on going into, the different sections of a resume can be rearranged in different order if, for example, the skills session is more important than the experiences, the skills can be listed first before your experiences and awards. We also learned how to write the bullet points needed under each experience.

Overall, this was a good informational session on learning how to write resumes and the overall format. This workshop helped me improve on my skills in resume writing. Even if my resume is not up to par, I could always go and visit to the Starr Career Development Center, and they would help me edit and revise my resume before I send it into an job or internship i want to apply for.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I’m usually not the type to visit museums, but one day, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and visit one of the most prestigious museums in New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but also because it was something I was required to do to complete my assignment for my Art History class.

As I was approaching the museum, I was immediately greeted with the loud atmosphere of people. There were so many tourists and New Yorkers visiting the museum to enjoy the different works displayed. Since the admission was at a flexible rate, this gave the opportunity of everyone to visit.

The museum was divided into many sections based on the time period, the types of different art, whether it is a sculpture or painting, the country of origin, and topic of the art work. I was intrigued by the sculptures displayed in Greek and Roman art sections and the variety of topics being painted in the European Paintings (1250-1800). There were many sections in the European Paintings regarding Christianity. The paintings were based around Christ and Virgin Mary. Although the paintings represented similar ideas, they all had their own charms.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and it is a place where I would not mind visiting again to appreciate the history displayed in art form whether it was a sculpture or painting. Many people take the pleasure of learning about the past through works of art.

Vietnamese Student Association

On Thursday, September 7th, I attended the first general interest meeting for the Vietnamese Student Association, also known as VSA. This club aims to promote cultural awareness and give people a better understanding about the Vietnamese culture and heritage. At a first glance, I was not interested in this club because I was not Vietnamese, so I felt like I would not fit into the club well. However, I had a complete change of heart after the meeting was over.

At the beginning of the meeting, we had the opportunity to make our own summer rolls (Gỏi cuốn). We were given lettuce, shrimp, and rice noodles and rice paper. We were taught, step by step, how to create our own summer rolls. The next part of the meeting, the board members of theclub introduced to the different foods in the Vietnamese culture and taught how to pronounce them in Vietnamese. Some of these words included, Chả Giò (spring rolls) , Bún Thịt Nướng (cold rice noodle dish), and Bún bò Huế (Vietnamese noodle soup). I also was familiar with some of the words shownWe also learned greeting phrases such as “xin chào,” which means “hello,” and “cảm ơn bạn,” which means “thank you.”

Overall, I had a great time during this meeting. This club gave me the chance to learn about other ethnic cultures and the types of food they had. I realized that attending this club allowed me to meet and talk to new people and discuss the similarities we had for attending Baruch.

As a result of attending VSA, I’ve grown interest in other cultures, and would love to join another club to learn about another culture in the future. I look forward to attending future meetings events this club has to offer and become a member of this club!