Starr Career Development Center

Today, I walked into the Starr Career Development Center to review my Resume and get more information about their extensive services. I sat down with someone who word by word went over my entire resume with me. I thought I had perfected it, however, I learnt a big lesson today that what is perfect to you is not necessarily perfect to other people, an employer in particular. My advisor told me to stop thinking like the applicant rather think like the person who is going to hire you. I am going to go home tonight and i am going to make the changes i need to and then come back tomorrow to get it reviewed one more time.

The Starr Career Development Center also has a this unbelievable network. They can help you get internships and jobs through their office. I spoke to them about what i want to do and where i want to go and they help me figure out what job or internship would help me the best. We discussed how the workload in school can sometimes be overwhelming so we decided that toward the middle/end of next semester i would come back to their office and start looking for a summer plan.

I was very impressed by the people at Starr. They were extremely nice and friendly. They are ridiculously smart too. But what has me so start struck was the patience that they had for me. The person that went over my resume gave me her complete attention  and she really wanted to see the best product of me. She was not just there to be there. She was there because she genuinely wants to see the student reach their highest level of potential. I don’t know if everyone one there is like that but my first experience was beyond pleasing and I can’t wait to go back.

The Met

Recently, I went to go visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Just getting to the entrance of the Met was an experience itself. The building is on the edge of Central Park which is a beautiful scenery but the actual structure is gorgeous. This massive palace-like building made me feel so small. Anyway, I entered the museum and I got my ticket from the ticket booth. I paid one dollar because it is ‘pay what you want’ type of admission but i also was not comfortable giving nothing. I saw an escalator so I took it up to the second floor where I entered the one of European galleries. There were a lot of weird art pieces and a lot of cool art pieces. I always found more interest in sculptures, so, naturally I gravitated to those when I saw them. There was one painting, though, that really caught my eye. It was a scene of a harbor at sunset. There were ships docking and departing. Most painting I had seen up until then were either scenery paintings of nature or paintings of people. I felt like this one properly figured out a way to intertwine both of those concepts.

I walked though a few other galleries included the American Art wing. I have a love for American history so that exhibit was particularly interesting to me. To see the past of our country in tangible objects was an experience that felt so surreal. I thought it was cool that this area wasn’t just paintings. There was a room of just silver and ceramic art. There was a room that was a mock for a scene from history. They even have a room that’s just furniture. It was different and exciting. I took my sweet time walking out to take in the specialness of the place that I was. I was so blown away that I told myself I will come back to visit at least once a year if not more. I love it.



In high school I joined a club called Model United Nations. Model United Nations is a convention of many high schools throughout the county and Canada. All students are assigned a country to represent in one of many committee rooms. In my second year there, as a junior, my assignment was The United Nations Children’s Fund or otherwise known as UNIFEC. I spent months researching what UNICEF was about and how my country, Jordan, handled it’s affairs toward the topics thats come up in a UNICEF assembly. Now I am very knowledge in this area of global affairs and politics.

At Baruch there is a club called UNICEF at Baruch College. I attended simply because I understand to some extant the problem in this world in regard to children and they’re pain. The people in UNICEF at Baruch College also understand the issues. I was proud to see students like me so passionate about saving young from the terrible depths of darkness they often end up in. UNICEF at Baruch is motivated to as much as they can in as many ways as they can. It starts with money. UNICEF at Baruch raises money through fundraisers throughout the year for various different reasons but all with a common goal, to benefit the children of the world. Another way they help out is through speech. Raising awareness for what UNICEF is and what they are about is another huge facet to the amazing work UNICEF at Baruch is doing wonders for the cause. The educate on campus telling other students what an important organization this. Another way they raise awareness is on Facebook and social media. Today Social media is a useful platform for an organization like us to get out message across to as many people as we can. The work UNICEF at Baruch is doing its truly amazing and I hope to be apart of it for as long as I am a student here.