Career Post

On October 25th, I attended the Finance 101 career workshop.  I decided to attend the workshop because I changed my mind to major in finance instead of accounting. However, still somewhat undecided.  I wanted to know more about the career path as a finance major student. During the workshop, they talked about what you can be as a finance major. For example, a banker which what I intend to be or a stockbroker as I have some interest in stocks. Having strong communications to develop and to maintain relationships between customers is crucial in the field of finance. However, I am still in that process of developing fluent public speaking skills. I hope next semester’s communication class will be beneficial toward it. The workshop was helpful in many ways. Beside providing significant information about the career as a finance major, there were also tips on interviews, resume writings such as cover letter and some insights from professionals finance major field workers. Furthermore, since most finance jobs are office oriented, the instructor also discuss the layouts of different sections of offices. For instance, there are sections for technology, information organization, record keeping and filing, just to name a few. I knew some of these office layouts as I had a lot of experience as office workers. I worked as office assistant for a long time and still are. After the workshop, it was beneficial as it introduced me the environment of a finance worker and cleared some misunderstandings.

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