Job Interview

In the future, I want to apply to Physical Therapy school, which in America, requires a certain number of hours spent working in a therapy office. For the school I want to go to, I need to have 100 hours of work, so I spent a few weeks looking for practices that either offer hours for students or were looking to hire aids and assistants. For the first while, no one answered my emails, but then, at once, five or six answered yes, they would take me on, provided I do a short interview.
I couldn’t possibly work at all of them, so I agreed to interview at a few. During these interviews, I found that as much as it was for them to get to know me, it was also to help me see if I would fit in at that practice, or if I should reconsider.
While in the interview for the place I committed to working, I really felt like the interviewer was focused on me, and what I wanted out of the job. He was honest with me about what he likes and dislikes about the field, and how I could best achieve my goals. In general, the interviewer was one of the main reasons I picked this practice.

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