Cultural Difference and National Traits

Under the constitution and the Bill of Rights, all Americans’ life, liberty, and property are equally protected. The first ten Amendments, which is called the Bill of Rights, protect Americans’ basic rights, and the overall constitution encourages the advanced right to fully secure the American’s rights. The US constitution includes protections such as freedom of speech, right to vote, right to own private property, and providing the equal opportunity to get a job. The constitution restricts the US government’s abuse of power to protect the Americans’ life, liberty, and property, and it keeps changing and adding to improve these rights over time. 

Compared to the constitution in the United States,  Japan, the country where I was born is more restricted in terms of freedom. I have Japanese cultural standards while I used to live in the US for over 6 years. The national personal traits and standards are very different in each country. The Bill of Rights is respectful for everyone to express and believe in their own set of basis. Although “life, liberty, and property” is guaranteed under the Japanese constitution, there is no such as the Bill of Rights with Amendments, and people do not respect what the individuals believe and express it. It is most important to follow the rule and be under the rule in the Japanese education system. It is unjust to practice or expand religious activity in schools in Japan. However, there are even religious holidays, and absence for religious reasons is excused in the United States. Moreover, people who are expressing political opinions in the public may result in offending the other majority of people under the rule made by the society. According to the Japanese national trait, there are many rules made by the society but not by the government, and breaking those rules means you are in the minority and unjust. 

The importance of individual rights and the amount of respect for individual rights are different. This difference in each county represents the national traits or personality. I feel like there is more freedom in the United States. The constitution and the education system may have caused this difference in national traits. I like to live in the United States rather than living in Japan because there is more freedom and respect. More activities are restricted under the rule, not only by the constitution but also the rule made by the standard made by society. All Amendments from the Bill of Rights persuades happiness, and it allows us to implement the activities that make your personality.