Freud – Repetition

Freud say’s that when a child feels or sees something that makes him uncomfortable, the child would than create a game to release the fear, or anger in a way. I can understand this as a child you copy things that you see, because you think it’s normal. Turning something that seems to happen daily, that upsets you, into a watered down version of it into a game. It probably makes it easier for him to handle it in real life, makes it simpler. But what i don’t understand is doesn’t he get bored. Because it is a repetition your doing the same thing over and over, again but the end result would never change, not even the process of it happening. Isn’t one of the reason why you play a game is because it’s different every time. For example a card game every time you shuffle the cards the cards that you receive are going to be different there for it’s going to be a different version of the game every time.
Yet this child could play this game every time without fail, and still find it fun to play. Because why play it if it isn’t fun, than it’ll just be a chore, and who does chores just because they want to. No they do it because they have to. So it makes me wonder is he doing it because it’s fun or is he doing it because he has to? So it’ll get easier every time he see’s the toy disappear and reappear, so it’ll get easier every time he see’s his mother leave him alone for a while.

PS. if my grammar is really bad it’s only because its really late at night and i just want to finish this.

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  1. I would understand that children has endless curiosity. Use very limited intelligence to have fun. repeition sometimes makes fun, not all the times.

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