Corporate Social Responsibility

Research summary

Advancement of the corporate social responsibility policies becomes an integral part of business activities and operations of every business unit. For a better understanding of the nature of this concept, it is highly recommended to look at the paper prepared by Baden (2016) “A Reconstruction of Carroll’s pyramid of corporate social responsibility”. He addresses all issues that should be covered by the notion of the CSR concerning protection of the interests of the stakeholders of the businesses in different areas. Finally, the Harvard Business Review Authors recently supported the interest of the academia to the investigation of the role of CSR strategies today by presenting new article “The Truth About CSR” written by Rangan and Chase.

Reflection paper

     I learned a lot about the importance of corporate social responsibility. CSR maintains a crucial role in every company’s infrastructure and sustainability as well as maintaining all of the people working under the same roof of a particular company ethically, professionally and the popular one, the profitably. It kind of helped me understand the aspect of CSR policies is of importance in attracting the customers. The research left me questions about the CSR policies in US’s enterprises and those in Myanmar whether they have common policies on CSR. After all, this research-based report made me open up about my new perspectives on fundamental business.

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