I Am Finished.

Industrialization era and its effects in society were on its meteoric rise. Everywhere, opportunities arise, and people took advantage of it in order to find success. Trying to live the American Dream isn’t the problem, it’s the drive and reason that corrupts the people and society.

In the film, Daniel Plainview is introduced as an oilman. A true oilman who had an earnest, almost pure, intentions with finding success and having a better life than before. Though, that’s when he downward spiral started to happen.. Although he truly is living the Dream, what is his purpose? He has made enemies, turned away any support, even turning away from his adopted son, whom he raised his entire life. Industrialization was a time of progress and success. But for what cost? Your own humanity?

Religion played a pivotal role ┬áin this film. Just from the characters’ names, Eli, Daniel, Mary etc. are just some of the names that they used in the film. In the end scene, religion was used in the final conflict between Daniel and Eli, Industrialization and Religion. Here we see Eli’s compromise for Daniel, calling himself a false prophet, giving up his priesthood, all for the sake of money. And Daniel on the other hand, ironically uses Religion as his driving force, claiming to be The Chosen One, clearly displayed by his materialistic success in his life.

The last line, “I Am Finished.” Daniel declares, his final descent. Almost acknowledging himself for what he has done and has given up for his success, he just sits there silently, and bows his head.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” – Mark 8:36