Jie Cao’s Extra Credit

Feminist movement organized manner from the beginning of 1966, the landmark event was the establishment of “national women’s movement” organization, Betty Friedan was one of the founders and the organization drafted a constitution. In the last century the sixties and seventies, the United States stirring racial, political and gender conflict among Friedan was one of the loudest voices.
After the feminist movement developed in the universities, the number of female students in the classroom soared; On the political front, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Equal Rights Amendment,” Shirley Bridges and Tim became the first U.S. president to participate in the election black women; in culture, books and magazines on women has become hot, a lot of the feminist movement has been included into the dictionary words.
Slogan: Family is not the end

Jie Cao’s group work

“Busy Wife’s Achievements,” Life Magazine. 1954.

“Her husband comes home for lunch almost every day and Marge makes it a point, whatever her schedule, to be there too”

It reminds me to that about CEDAW.

So, what is CEDAW?


It typically talks about culture as a barrier to progress, and see culture as an obstacle to the human rights of women. Many cultures limit women’s participate in the public life, people think women’s position is to stay at home and raise the children. For example, in African, women’s genitalia play the role in the highly gendered ways women’s sexuality is restricted and women’s subordination ensured, and there is unequal access to education and jobs, to clean water and adequate food, and to divorce and equal inheritance also burden African women. It says the culture in the past time is based on the sex, in order to fix the problem, we have to modify people’s point of view from different sexuality. In the modern society countries, women are gaining their rights back by economic advance.


There will be blood by Jie Cao

      1902 as a silver mining workers Daniel Plainview in a chance to open in the next oil deposits, eat the sweetness in 1911 he had suddenly become as Oil Man looking for the source of Petroleum and Minerals.

        The movie has two main lines, one out of a dark. Open wire which began around Daniel Plainview, the director will be a mercenary for the money, the means cruel, inner strength, hate the world vividly screen in front of his gritty, look for targets and resolutely implement the plan, in order to reach the goal at all sweep clear the road of the “robber barons” style chilling.Complement each other, dark lines in the movie, the director focused on a “hypocritical” Christian apologist – Eli Sunday priest, he preached superstitious ideas and to “the prophet of God” in the name spent a lot of effort to conduct their own image building, hearts conceal the brutality and greed, through religion to deceive the public to accept the “subsidy.” Daniel Plainview despise Eli Sunday emotions finally burst in the film at the last minute, he would like to own name, executed Eli Sunday, just as deep in his soul pulled out of a thorn.

         Like with any political force, as the representative of a large oil-capital forces and religious forces despite competing, but also interdependent, in the common economic or political interests before the rivals before a second handshake can instantly lay down their arms cooperation. Films portray these two forces can be described as extremely spicy, always relentless, successful people on the one hand lament the difficulty and expense of cruelty, on the other hand, and fully appreciate the “want to be successful, only the expense of other people” helpless and biting desolate.

          In 1914, the outbreak of World War II, during the war, the United States successfully carried out industrialization and reforms and rapid accumulation of wealth by means of war on the world stage. 10 years after the war is part of the merchant class of 10-year government would no longer interfere in the private sector and legislation to protect, then successfully cleared one by one pioneer history to join the ranks of the capitalists. Represented by Daniel Plainview rise and capital into the industry, as well as Eli Sunday as the representative of the spread of Christianity, such as parallel lines contrast with the general description of the early 20th century American frontier history. The Movie accompanied by the rise of American capitalism and industrial development, and created a general climbed from the bottom of the pioneers in the process of oil tycoon, spanning the Great Depression at the end of the 1930s, with the collapse of the bubble economy broken, humanity finally bloom ugly side.