Rise of the industrialization

In the film, “there will be blood”; it portrays how peoples life were affected by the rise of industrialization and oil boom of the early 20th century. The main character of the the film Daniel Plainview was ordinary digger who was struggling to find a oil. In the early part of the movie, it shows how Daniel’s life was affected tremendously because of the rise of industrialization and oil boom in the early 20th century. Just like Daniel Plainview, many people started to using steam engines and mechanic to use in their work and tries to make a profit out of it. Daniel eventually becomes very successful man because he finds rich oil site and later on he even tries to make more profit by buying the land off ┬áPaul Sunday. While Daniel Plainview starts using men to work for him, accident occurs when the drill fails to work and it drops on worker, therefore killing him. This shows how industrialization brought wealth but it brought misfortune and death to some people. Finding wealth with help of industrialization was big success for some, but it was dangerous and risky gamble for many others.