Abel’s land: a sudden increase in value

Abel Sunday owns a fairly large plot of land in Little Boston, Massachusetts. When Daniel Plainview is approached by Abel’s son, Paul Sunday, about the possibility of purchasing the land, he makes two things very clear. Firstly, he makes it clear that there is in fact an abundance of oil on the lot. Secondly, he makes it clear that there is virtually nothing else. The land is incapable of growing anything but weeds, and is used as nothing more than an animal farm. Vast stretches of land on the property go unused, due to the destitute nature of it’s soil. Other than the potential for quail hunting, the property has little to give it value. However, due to rampant industrialization, the oil which was previously virtually worthless, has now become a black gold mine. Over the course of a few short decades, Abel Sunday’s patch of land went from being nearly worthless, to incredibly valuable. Abel catches a fairly hefty sum from Daniel Plainview, and his life is surely better for it.