Change Comes After the Tragedy

A local woman, Mrs. Unita Blackwell, said:”I feel that the federal government have proven that it don’t care about poor people. Everything that we have asked for through these years had been handed down on paper. It’s never been a reality. We the poor people of Mississippi is tired. We’re tired of it so we’re going to build for ourselves, because we don’t have a government that represents us.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The freedom of Black liberty was fought for an entire century in America. Progress would also be made but it never moved forward. Black people were given fake freedom in which the government would not even lend support. It was a curse to be a black person for many people in the United States, but to be poor and black was hell on earth. Mrs. Unita Blackwell felt the pain of being one of the many without a voice. In a time where one reaches there lowest point, a revolution is always next. It is not confusing to why she wanted to build the government for themselves and it was not confusing to why so many tragedies occurred  during these times. In 1967, the Detroit riots killed 3 black teen-agers, a police attack in a school campus killed 2 black females, policemen killed unarmed black people and killed suspected black looters without warnings. The “white” government was obviously fearful of what was to come. They were all actions from the result of fear, but it only sparked more rage. It would soon be discovered as Howard Zinn states, ” later that the government in all the years of the civil rights movement, while making concessions through Congress, was acting through the FBI to harass and break up black militant groups. “This was the social order and political order of our government. In the end they would soon come to realize that if they can’t beat them they would join them.

– And when they did join them, they used black government leaders to be the leaders of marches and the new social order. Malcolm X new this was happening and opposed it with his speeches.

Django Freeman The Apprentice Bounty Hunter

Being rescued from a life of slavery, Django was taken by Dr. King Schultz to identify three men for their bounties. Django progresses to become a freeman through Dr. King Schultz despite the negativity towards him because of his black skin. Upon arriving to a plantation riding a horse, which was not heard of Dr. King Schultz convinces the plantation owner to show Django around the field. Without Dr. Kings consent, Django tells his guide to lead him towards the three men. He kills one man, stating ” I like the way you die boy” for revenge from when Django was a slave. The same man told him, “I like the way you beg boy.” . Django then follows up to whipping the second man and following up with an execution.

Django has a pure hatred towards slave owners. He has a strong passion against whipping because his wife was whipped on Django’s mistake. When he saw that the slave owner was about to whip a slave, he probably was provoked into killing them instead of waiting on Dr. King Schultz. Right before Django executed the second man, he says “Ya’ll want to see something?”. Django took great pride in their deaths, but the slaves were shocked, not comprehending the situation. These slaves were so conditioned to forced behavior that they were too scared to feel relief.