“Get Rid of Nixon, but Keep the System”

“The underlying causes of the gross misconduct in our law–enforcement system now being revealed are largely personal, not institutional. Some structural changes are needed. All the rotten apples should be thrown out. But save the barrel.” –Theodore Sorensen

Prior to Watergate scandal, everyone in America believed that politicians truly have the people’s best interest in mind. There was never any questions as to why politicians do what they do, or how they do it. Basically everyone trusted the government. However, after Watergate, Americans began to realize that politicians can be corrupt. This realization leads to people did not believe their public officials and the public want to know more of what politicians are doing “behind the closed doors.” However, even thought Nixon destroyed people’s trust of government, but he was still great in some way.

The quote in the beginning of this blog was written at the time of Watergate by Theodore Sorensen. He was best known as president Kennedy’ special counsel, adviser, and legendary speechwriter. He believes authorities should keep the positive attributes of Nixon, while removing the negatives (scandal). Indeed, Nixon did a remarkable contribution on American foreign policy. For example, Nixon opened relations with China in 1972 and he also traveled to Moscow to sign the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty which is used to reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons and froze deployment of intercontinental missiles. Thus, Zinn includes this quote disclose that a good system can be maintain not matter who build it.