Feminist Movement and Native Americans Movement

   During 1960s to 1970s, strive to promote equality of blacks began to spread to other minority ethnic groups. People in the United States asked their equal rights, specifically the group of women and the group of Native Americans.

   World War II had brought more women than ever before out of the home into work. Women treated as men in the army. They helped to fight enemies, they helped to maintain homelands, and they helped to prepare for battles. However, women did not have the same equal rights as men after World War II. In the book, A People’s History of The United States, in Chapter 19 showed ” A few years ago I was suspended for three days from work because my children were still young and I had to take time off when they were sick…They want people who keep quiet, squeal on one another, and are very good little robots. The fact that many have to take nerve pills before starting their day, and a week doesn’t go by that there aren’t two or three people who break down and cry, doesn’t mean a thing to them.” According to this quote, women have no rights in workplace, at home, or public places. Men treat them very harsh, even though women work harder than men. Seems these happened for a long time or seems women helped to fight for the World War II, high educational women came out and led others to fight for women’s rights. These led the Feminist Movement, and women successfully earned their rights at the end. They had equal rights as men do.

  After the end of World War II, many group were out and fought for their rights. Native Americans was one group of them, because the government rules treated them very harsh. Their homelands were getting smaller, and they forced by white men. Even though they were the first group arrived in the United States, they still did not have equal rights as white men’s do. In the same book showed, “1.It is isolated from modern facilities, and without adequate means of teansportation. 2.It has no fresh running water. 3.It has inadequate sanitation facilitiees. 4.There are no oil or mineral rights. 5.There is no industry and so unemployment is very great. 6.There are no health care facilities. 7.The soil is rocky and non-productive; and the land does not support game. 8.There are no educational facilities. 9.The populartion has always exceeded the land base. 10.The population has always been held as prisoners and dependent upon others.” These quote showed Native Americans had no rights to use or to enjoy public facilities. Their living environments were bad, no fresh water, no oil or mineral rights. Everything for life, they had to find by themselves. Seems blacks earned their rights, Native Americans started to fight for their rights like women.

   These two movement were important for American histories. Feminist Movement and Native Americans Movement are helped to make American Laws more completely. Rights expressed more equally. Discrimination and prejudice were decreased, and human rights were more normal. Human rights were not only service for adult men, but women and some Minorities.