“I’m an oilman”

Daniel Plainview considers himself an oilman, a true oilman. During the early 1900’s oil became the real goldmine for Americans who were to put in the money. If they have the right spot, the risk versus reward leans towards reward. In There will Be Blood, it skips a substantial amount of time and the time that is skipped is time where daniel is building his empire. Oil or industrialization, is Daniel’s business, it is his life.

Daniel bases his life on finding oil, if he thinks that there is a substantial amount in the ground, he will take his resources and drill it out. In the scene where he declines the town’s offer, i believe that there wasn’t much oil in the ground, thats why he didn’t bother with the towns differentiating views about whether they want to drill or not. But if there was a lot of oil, he would have ignored the talking and tried to reassure them of how good a drilling could be. Daniel is an entrepreneur, he took his money and invested it in something that he knows can make him a lot of money. But it not only affects him, but like the invisible hand theory, affects everyone around him. The moment i believe that is most important is when he gives his speech to the town where the Sunday family resides. I believe this speech justifies Daniels job. He talks about how him drilling the oil well is going to benefit the whole town. The line that got to me was when he said if i start drilling, bread wont be a luxury item anymore. I believe it does do good to the community even though they’re getting ripped off.

Like Daniel explained in his speech, industrialization is shown as progression. Its advancing these towns that have no tourism or any technology and by doing this, its making the united states progress as a whole.