“Judgement by God”

Their are many instances in which Daniel Plainview has portrayed his dishonest persona.  Trough his greed and desire for oil came many consequences which lead to his demise and “Judgment by God”.  His first name “Daniel” means “judgment by God” and “God is my judge.”  As Daniel seeks salvation in this scene, his altruistic quality is delineated.  When the water is poured on him during the baptize, he mutters “there’s the pipeline”.  As Daniel gets up he reestablishing his power as he moves out from under the cross which symbolizes his betrayal of this act of baptism. He then shakes Eli’s hand and says something to him which is probably a threat.  He moves to Eli, now taller than him for the first time, and shakes his hand. We can’t hear what he is saying to Eli, but we can easily tell that it’s probably somewhere along the lines of a threat, which he does to Eli often.

Industrialism had affected Daniel Plainview by a transition towards evil.  It started from the first oil leak that he found, as he came out of the hole he symbolized a darkness closely associated to the devil.  Daniel has also lost son’s hearing.  Daniel had wanted H.W to be just like him and in this moment that all changed.  That seemed cause a major change in Daniel, as his facade of a nice guy seemed to vanish.  He became violent and lost his false gentlemen like persona in a way making him less professional as well.

Industrialization is depicted as a commodity which seems good and positive but has a lot of consequences as well.  It could be compared to selling ones soul to the devil.  One will have the advantages of building a company and having riches, but at the end, just like Plainview, become greedy, selfish, and all alone.  Through the industrialization of pipelines workers died and accidents occurred.  Oil seems to represent the blood of the people effected by it, even the people who had to give up their land.