the cruel truth of society

“Meanwhile, the government of the United States was behaving almost exactly as Karl Marx described a capitalist state: pretending neutrality to maintain order, but serving the interests of the rich. Not that the rich agreed among themselves; they had disputes over policies. But the purpose of the state was to settle upper-class disputes peacefully, control lower-class
rebellion, and adopt policies that would further the long-range stability of the system.”(Zinn 258).this quote describes that  the U.S.A. tried to follow themselves to Marxist ideas,  in reality, they fell into the mould of Marxist capitalism. the ways government treated to upper-classes and lower-classes are totally different because government needs to contrapose different tagets with different effective ways. a integrated  and well-organized policy will  promote the development of the society.
“The development of a factory-like system in the nineteenth-century schoolroom was not accidental (Zinn 263).”by Joel Spring. this quotes descirbes that the importance of the Industrial Revolution on society during this time. development of a factory is just like education in nineteenth century, it is indispensable, accelerate the development of industrials can effecially improve the ecnomy of  whole society. at that time, more and more inventions came out,  industrals played a more important role in the society. however, as the new inventions coming out, farmers could not monopolize their product, it also brings a little loss to them. and governement didnt treat those farmers fairly and completely.
i think that Zinn was trying to say that there were always something new and good products coming to the society, they must be benefits to people. however, government couldnt ignore the people who were affected negatively. some kind of inventions replaced people’ jobs. Zinn wanted government to treat all workers equally and fairly.