For the Record, Chapter 30: Affluence and Anxiety in an Atomic Age (Group 1, Due 11/7)

Instructions:  Using the “New Post” function, write a blog post that discusses a specific quote from one of the primary source entries in Chapter 30 of For the Record (listed below). Your group should aim to produce evenly distributed posts on each of the entries, so try to pay attention to what others have already posted and choose your source accordingly. A blog post should include:

(1) The title, author, and year of the entry

(1) A specific, brief quote from the entry

(2) a brief description of how you think the quote reflects the social, political, and/or economic realities of the specific era in which it was produced.  How might the author’s position in American society determine WHY they feel the way they do?

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to categorize your post under “For the Record, Chapter 30″ (the Categories buttons should be on the lower right) so you can get credit for your post!


Busy Wife’s Achievements (1956)

Their Sheltered Honeymoon (1959)

Betty Friedan, from The Feminine Mystique

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954)

Southern Declaration on Integration (1956)

Dwight D. Eisenhower, The Situation in Little Rock (1957)