It never said that

Southern Declaration on Integration (1956) 

“The original constitution does not mention education. Neither does the fourteenth amendment. The debates preceding the submission of the fourteenth amendment clearly show that there was no intent that it should affect the systems of education maintained by the states…”

The majority of the whites in the south never wanted to let blacks have education. They pushed as far as they could, even after the 14th amendment was passed the blacks still didn’t get the full package of being an American. This quote shows how the Blacks still had no political rights. They have fought multiple wars and still dont have enough respect to learn in the same class room as white folk. During this time period (1950s) Black Americans have been freed for almost 100 years yet they have been treated as slaves. from a political standpoint, the blacks have no rights. And from a social standpoint, they are nothing but workers, they are not part of society.

The author of this believes that if they integrate races in schools, then the system of public education will be destroyed. He based his ideas and beliefs on the constitution and stands by it.