A People’s History of the United States, Chapter 17: “Or Does it Explode?” (Group 6, Due 11/14)

Instructions:  Let’s generate a list of key terms for this chapter. Using the “New Post” function, write a brief (1-3 paragraph) blog post that describes a specific person, event, organization, or institution mentioned in this chapter and how it fits into the larger narrative. Your group should aim to produce as diverse a list of terms as possible, so try to pay attention to what others have already posted and choose your term accordingly. A blog post should include:

(1) the name of a specific person, event, organization, or institution,

(2) a (brief) relevant quote from the text

(3) a short (no longer than one paragraph) summary of how the term fits into Zinn’s argument about the era. Why do you think he mentions it? 

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to categorize your post under “A People’s History, Chapter 17″ (the Categories buttons should be on the lower right) so you can get credit for your post!