Life in the 1950’s

In the article “Busy Wife’s Achievement ” published in Life Magazine in 1956 is about a young girl name Marjorie Sutton who was married before even graduating high school then from there went to fulfill her housewife duties. Her accomplishments or as the article states “Has made a career” ┬ábeing able to cook, make clothes for her children and herself , host large parties, be part of the PTA and even run fund raisers.

If you ask any women in Baruch they will laugh at Marjorie Sutton “Career” because cooking, cleaning and making it to your children school meetings would considered more of your obligation as a wife not a career. If this article would to be rewritten today same title “Busy Wife’s Achievement” it would say Marjorie Sutton has just earned her PHD, works 40 hrs a week and still has time to make it to her boys soccer game.

Society has changed very much since the 1950’s. Marjorie’s husband only earns 25,000 a year and lives comfortable that would be impossible today. Now most households have two incomes just to make ends meet. When a couple gets divorce now it is not frown upon on, I have even seen signs that say 2nd divorce is 50% off. A women not married by the age of 20 is very common for todays society too. These are things that would have been frown upon on in the 1950s. I’m glad that society has changed and women are much more independent now.