No Freedom for the colored 1950s

Within the context of the film, Far from Heaven, Raymond Deagan was a african amiercan single parent living in a southern Connecticut town where African and Caucasian races rarely intermingle outside of business. When he tried to befriend Cathy Whitaker every other person in town disagreed with them being friends. He had absolutely no freedom to even pick and choose who he would want in his life because it was not socially accepted during this period in time due to segregation. When Raymond tried to become more then friends with Cathy just grabbing on to her arm prompted everyone on the street to threaten him due to their class differences. His daughter was abused and even stoned just over the fact that her father had a white “girlfriend” which was not even true. Towards the end of the film when Cathy had chosen to divorce her husband she went to find Raymond and asked if they could be together in another location, however Raymond replied with a controversial quote “I”ve learned my lesson about mixing the two worlds” which really was the summing up of what the entire movie was about. Raymond didn’t have the freedom to choose which world he wished to live in, he was instantly viewed with hostility due to the color of his skin, not the character he could have. I feel that Raymond was the person with the least freedom because he had to leave the woman he grew to love so that his daughter wouldn’t have to suffer anymore indignities that could occur because of her father’s relationship.