Schedule of Readings, Assignments, and Exams

January 31:  Course Introduction

February 2: Constructing History in Our Own Time, 2000-2010
Go to course blog at  Browse through the tabs to familiarize yourself with the site.  Choose the “Assignments” tab and follow instructions in the “Assignment due 2/2” post.

February 7: Historical Memory and the Distant Past: Remembering the Civil War
Reading: Eric Foner review of David Blight, Race and Reunion (

February 9: Reconstruction
Reading: Ch. 15 (Give Me Liberty)

February 14: The Gilded Age
Reading:  Ch. 16 (Give Me Liberty)

February 16: Populism
Reading:  Ch. 17 (Give Me Liberty)

February 21: NO CLASS, HOLIDAY

February 23: Progressivism
Reading:  Ch. 18 (Give Me Liberty)

February 28: Progressivism, continued

March 2: World War I
Reading:  Ch. 19 (Give Me Liberty)

March 7: World War I, continued

March 9: The Roaring Twenties
Reading:  Ch. 20 (Give Me Liberty)

March 14: The Roaring Twenties, continued

March 16: Great Depression/The New Deal
Reading:  Ch. 21 (Give Me Liberty)

March 21: Great Depression/The New Deal, continued

March 23: World War II
Reading:  Ch. 22 (Give Me Liberty)


March 30: World War II, continued

April 4: The Cold War
Reading:  Ch. 23 (Give Me Liberty)

April 6: The Cold War, continued

April 11: The Affluent Society
Reading:  Ch. 24 (Give Me Liberty)

April 13: The Affluent Society, continued

April 17-April 26 SPRING BREAK

April 27: The Sixties
Reading:  Ch. 25 (Give Me Liberty)

May 2: The Sixties, continued

May 4: Rise of Conservatism
Reading:  Ch. 26 (Give Me Liberty)

May 9: Rise of Conservatism, continued

May 11: Globalization
Reading:  Ch. 27 (Give Me Liberty)

May 16: Globalization, continued

May 18: The Post-9/11 World and Changing Definitions of Freedom in Our Own Time
Reading:  Ch. 28 (Give Me Liberty)

May 23: FINAL EXAM, 3:30-5:30pm