Blog Group List: American Empire


1. Karla Cervantes

2. Fabiel De Leon

3. Amrita Singh

4. Elizabeth Urbaez

5. Jie Qiong Xia

6. Anthony Beauford

7. Dmitriy Guberman

8. Yohei Okawa

Organizations and Institutions

1. Kareem Eid

2. Marat Gubaydullin

3. Volha Hurava

4. Robert Mirfield

5. Mohammad Qaiyum

6. Tony Li

7. Mohamed Ali

8. Laia Muller-Villalba


1. Michael Gapanovich

2. Anton Maslov

3. Nicholas Paldino

4. Mark Thorn

5. Reynaldo Torres

6. Leonardo Depablos

7. David Shmidt

8. Charm Lee


Chapter 8: The Democratic Revolution

Instructions:  Let’s try to generate a list of the key terms and concepts in this chapter. For the category assigned to your group (see Blog Group List), each group member should produce at least one blog post from Chapter 8. Use the “New Post” function to start creating your entry. The title of your post should be the name of the term; pay attention to the other posts so you avoid repeating terms. A post should consist of :

(1) a specific person, event, organization, or institution,

(2) a (brief) relevant quote from the text

(3) a short (no longer than one paragraph) summary of how the term fits into Freeman’s argument about the era. Why does he mention it? 

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to categorize your post under “American Empire, Ch. 8” so you can get credit for your post!