Effects of The1964 Presidental Election

Quote of Page 204 of: American Empire.

“To lay the basis for achieving his ambitious goals and assuage the chronic self-doubt that shadowed his massive ego, Johnson wanted an overwhelming victory in the 1964 election. He was acutely aware that the ongoing civil rights revolution was shifting the national political terrain.”

I think Freeman mentions this quote because during this era, everyone is concerned with the quality of the goods instead of the quantity and everyone is fighting to achieve better living environments and so forth. Johnson wants to secure the presidential election but he is afraid he will lose the supports of many white Democrats so he used FBI surveillance to compromise on a strategy where white Democrats and black Democrats will be happy. This quote is relevant to the topic of Democratic Revolution because it shows the President himself doing something about Democracy being a bigger part of America. It causes influence not in only clubs and societies but you can use them to influence voting.