Rolling Stones and John Colalcohol

“The search for individual fulfillment, central to the counterculture, had deep roots in American culture. So did the fixing of cultural and spiritual meanings to products and fashions. Seen from a distance, much of the counterculture looked simply like a series of aesthetic and cultural choices, long hair instead of short hair, the Rolling Stones instead of Frank Sinatra, John Coltrane instead of Louis Armstrong, marijuana and psychedelics instead of alcohol and tranquilizers.” (pg 236)

The anti-Vietnam war movement gradually started in the United States in the middle of 1960’s. the movement had began in colleges, and later influenced people to question the government about meaning of the war. Cultures were important tools of expressing their emotions and thoughts. A counterculture was developed during the age, and the Rolling Stones and John Colalcohol represent the culture at that time.