Strength Through Unity

The Film “Harlan County” details  the conflict  between two groups, the United Miners Workers of America and the Duke Power Company. At first glance the conflict seems incredibly one sided. The Duke Power Company had an overwhelming amount of resources, including but not limited to,  a seemingly infinite supply of money, strong political clout, and hired thugs. To oppose that the miners have only one strength, and that is the bond that share with one another. That bond is the core of what makes Unions work. When we discuss whether unions are a positive part of American Society, we need to remember that. Unity is the only way a small scale worker can have any sense of power against a strong adversary like the Duke Power Company. The Miners in film had complete faith in one another, even when the outlook seemed bleak. Unions provide that outlet of community and family in which the individual becomes a part of something bigger than themselves. Unions are a basic building block of a successful democratic society. They allow workers to stand a fighting chance against big employers that feel no obligation to provide for the people that make them the money they build their entire life on.