Harlan County USA

If the coal strike was more recent, it would be one of the most liberal event of this year. I was shock to see a pro-union labor strike in Kentucky. A state that has mostly been voting on the conservative side for the last 20 years. Somewhere between the coal strike and current day, Kentucky turned very conservative in terms of their voting pattern. The coal strike want to form a union and have some type of health insurance due to black lung disease. The strike gets violent as the company hires men to protect the company man who were hire to replace to coal miners. It is really hard to imagine such event can take place today because with the internet, everything in public is on the internet and it can be view by the whole world. To hold such long protest to be unionize is also hard to imagine because what do people do for months without a source of income. The documentary is very emotional because it really shows the struggles of living in a small town with only coal mining as a big source of jobs. It also shows the strength of the community as they stay together to fight the company. The songs they sung also pushes the emotions because it is a sad tone but also it is a story in the song and with some  melody and repetition that makes easy to sing along to.