Harland County, USA

Harland  County, USA is  documentary film that covers the Brookside Strike. Mining was the number one source of income in this little in Kentucky. In June 1972, the coal miners of Brookside began to strike against Duke Power Company and Union Mine Workers of America. The coal miners went on strike for safer working conditions, fair labor practices, and decent wages. Alot of coal miners were affected by the black lung disease. Violence was a big thing during the strike many of the Duke Power Company employees carried guns. Some of the protesters were even shot at. It was like if you you spoke up against or challenge the company you should fear for your life. Joseph Yablonski, an union representative who challenge Tony Boyle for the presidency of UMWA and lost was later found murdered along with his family in their home. The turning point though was when a young miner named Lawrence Jones was shot and killed during a scuffle.