Seven Lions – Days to Come (feat. Fiora)

Seven Lions – Days to Come ft. Fiora [Official Music Video]

The first time I heard this song back in February was alongside this music video while I was bored, looking for new music to add to my library. I thought, and still think, it is one of the best music videos, and standalone songs, I have heard yet. It is only one of a few songs in recent memory where I simply said, “Holy crap, this is awesome.”

The song is about how a person can completely lose all feelings and emotions of their surroundings into oblivion if they continue to wait for someone who they cannot let go of. The trancelike melody of the song fits the lyrics very well, and the slow motion shots of the dazed woman in the music video compliments and ties it all together into one great work of art. I never quite though of the lyrics much with all those awesome instrumentals until now but they give the song song more meaning, and I do not simply look at it like it’s another trance/dub-step song. In fact, it differentiates itself well from the generic music one would expect to hear in clubs or videos on YouTube these days; the music video is not of some DJ with a blinding laser light show with crowds going wild. That, of course, makes this video a good thing to hear, and see.