If you want to sing out, sing out – Cat Stevens

For the first 10 years of my life I believed that this incredible song was written by my uncle. He played it for me by every  night that he put me to sleep, which was about five times a week. It became my personal theme song, one that  i would sing hum  constantly, even before being able to understand its meaning. When I was older and smart enough to realize that this is song  was not written for  my own personal pleasure but  rather a very popular hit from a celebrated artist I was floored. And when I finally listened to the real Cat Stevens version I was almost moved to tears by how in love with it I fell.

The song is about finding your freedom through your individuality. About doing what you want,  no matter what anyone thinks or says. It soft sounds and upbeat chorus help you to understand the happiness that can come to you when you stop living your life by other peoples standards and stick to your own. Till this day, listening to this song gives me the courage to pursue happiness in itself, rather than fame or wealth or prestige.