“Smooth” by Santana Feat. Rob Thomas

This song and its video clip is very interesting to me, because it represents the mix of cultures. The video depicts how different races can have fun and party together. The song sang by a German-born American rock star Rob Thomas accompanies by  latin rock band Santana. Music with a slow percussion beat of latin cha-cha accompanied by bass, electric guitar and powerful brasses. Brasses were popularized  by African-Americans during jazz era in America, which adds more complexity and culture to the song. As a result, whites, browns and blacks party together.

Another interesting fact that I want to point out is that in the lyrics a white American is attracted to a young latin woman and this attraction seems to be reciprocal toward the end of the song, which symbolizes the breakage of race barrier between men and women. Even though there always were cases of interracial relationship, depicting it in the video-clip and showing it on TV creates popularity and wide acceptance of it.