Strategic Defense Initiative

“The Soviets saw SDI not as a defensive measure but as a prelude to an attack” Pg. 393


No program reinforces Freeman’s argument that the early 1980’s saw a re-ignition of tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States then creation of the Strategic Defense Initiative in 1983. Sold to the American public as a purely defense measures, the strategic defense Initiative was an attempt to use new technologies, namely satellites in space, to monitor and if need be destroy any soviet missiles fired at the United States, granting it it’s nickname ” Star Wars”. The Soviet Union officials did not see it that way, instead they were convinced that it would be used as an offensive measure and became even more mistrusting of America. The program never really took flight ,as ┬áboth the technology was ┬ásimply not advanced enough and it did not generate a large amount of support.