Nas- Black diamonds and pearls

Nas makes us aware of how violence strives in an environment that does not provide opportunity for advancement. In “If I Ruled the World”, the message is entirely different. Nas still questions social inequalitybut with a positive approach to introduce the idea of what it would be like, if Blacks and people of color lived in a utopiansociety in which they were all equal. “The way to be, paradise like relaxing black, Latino and Anglo-Saxon”.  This track starts to ignite the imagination of the listener of the possibility of “what if”. Nas empowers his listeners to believe that life can bethe same for people of color.   For starters, there will be justiceequality for people of color imprisoned for petty crimes. “Imagine smoking weed in the streets without cops harassin/Imagine going to court with no trial”. Per capita, TheUnited States imprisons more people than any other nation in the world. Majority of the prison population is composed of Hispanics and blacks. This legal equality would lead to more black men and women being a productive part of society, andfuture generations of minority families can be raised in complete households “So many years of depression make me vision/The better living, type of place to raise kids in”. The years of depression Nas refers to is the harsh reality that single parent households raise a vast majority of minority families. With the family structure complete and legal equality part of Black society, In “If I Ruled the World” a race can now focus to start accomplishing the American dream. With “Your people holding dough, no parole”, Blacks can now pursue opportunities in which housing and education are part of everyday life.  With wealth, people can now start vacationing . “ Feel the wind breeze in West Indies” and explore the world outside of the ghetto and expand their horizons. The Black community has spending power and is able to travel north in economic classes and is able to afford the better things life has to offer ‘’Imagine everybody flashing, fashion Designer clothes/Brand new whips ”.   A perfect society in which the color of your skin does not determine your economic status would be a society every person will love to be a part of. However, Nas brings the listener back to reality “ I thought I’d never see but reality struck/ Still nobody want a nigga having shit/ Better find out before your time’s out, what the fuck”. The cruel reality is utopia does not exist and the odds remain stacked against people of color.