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After Walmart Bribery Scandals a Pattern of Quiet Departures


Hi Class,

I really wanted to post this short article as a follow-up of my T1 previous group for “law debate”. Our debate was to discuss whether the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is obsolete or not. The five members of our group: Amey, Charlotte, Christine, Greg, and I (Nadiuska) had strong stances for and against this act.

The FCPA regulates USA corporations’ compliance to anti-bribery laws when seeking abroad expansion. Some of us believed FCPA was obsolete because it did not allow USA corporations take advantage of the same corrupted acts that local corporations engage on that particular country. Others felt that this kind of law enforcement act help fairer economic development. Creating a more leveled playing field in the global economy; even if it means slowly but surely reinforcements especially in under developed countries.

Today, it was interesting to learn that although WalMart Mexico bribery accusations were merely scandals and only conducted internal investigations, many executives are “dropping like flies”.

I invite you to read on. One win for the good guys, maybe?!


– Nadiuska