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Quality of Life


I recently read an article that I found interesting and thought it would be appropriate for the IB class. The article discusses the quality of life around the world and ranks different countries. As a benchmark they use New York (woohoo) and suggest that employers will have to better compensate their employees when sending them to low ranking locations.

Interesting to see how cities in Canada dominate North America in quality of living.

Mike W.

Interesting world of Pallets


I am Greg LiCalzi, a member of EMBA 32. Two of my high school summers were spent in the beverage industry. One was at beer/soda retail distributor and the other was at a wholesale beverage distributor. I did many of the typical jobs you would expect; stocking shelves, making deliveries, and unloading incoming deliveries.

To unload the deliveries, I would drive a fork lift and pull out a neatly packed stack of cans or bottles. The stack was organized on top of a pallet which was this wood base contraption that allowed room for the two prongs of the forklift to easily transport and stack. The pallet was the centerpiece to all things delivery. All incoming deliveries came in on a pallet. We would use the same pallet to pack up new deliveries to go out. FInally, the pallets would get picked up to start the process all over again.

Fast forward 15 years and I haven’t had one thought about these pallets until I read an amazing article in Cabinet Magazine about the business of pallets. It was surprising how large of a business it is with one of the largest manufacturers based in Australia. It put the global economic environment into perspective. These largely ignored pallets (by us common folk) make up a whole market with competition, lawsuits, and hostility to match any other business in technology, pharma, or healthcare.

Happy reading!

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Welcome to IBS9600 blog

Dear All,

I am delighted to launch our course blog as a platform for interaction and communication outside the class room on topics related to our course.

The blog will be as effective and rewarding as we will  collectively make it, and I trust you will  be using the blog extensively as both content contributors and followers of contents posted by the other class members.

I will look forward to reading your inputs and to our blog communication.