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more on China RMB

I wanted to post this as a response to Andrew’s recent post on this topic, but the way the post is published does not allow for comments.

In a separate message I will post the instructions again. please take note so we can generate discussions on the blog.

Here is another take on the likely future of China RMB as a world currency. as you will notice, this one is more in the spirit of the discussion we had in class of this issue. whatever view you take, it is an excellent take of the issue.

China blocks proposed three-way shipping alliance

An interesting example of anti-trust law s in a global world. deals are subject to the approval of all the anti-trust authorities involved, which often have different proprieties and different views of the appropriate level of competition.  in this article – an alliance among the world’s three largest shipping companies was approved by the EU and the US but blocked by China. subsequently, it cannot move forward.

GE moves to fend off rival bid for Alstom

among other things, the story of GE bid for France Alstrom illustrates the objection of countries for foreign companies acquiring domestic companies. We have spoken several times about the interest of countries in attracting foreign companies, and the Prudential project shows how hard they compete for attracting this investment. This, however, is only one side of the story. the GE/Alstrom saga illustrates the other side of it.

we will discuss these issues in length in our last class.

Apparel Retailer Gap Forges Ahead in Myanmar

Dear All,

here is an interesting article illustrating how an apparel company is taking advantage of differences in economic environments across countries (recall the discussion we had yesterday at the end of the class about seeing opportunities in challenges and taking advantages of differences – here is one example).

It also illustrates the breakup of the value added chain and the emergence of the vertically integrated enterprise that we discussed – in relation to Edi’s blog comment on his experience in Bloomingdale and with reference to Amazon’s Kindle case.

and lastly it is an illustration of the ‘made in…’ effect and determination. What will a ‘made in Maynmar’ mean for for Gap’s sales?

I invite your thoughts and comments on these issues and others thoughts that come to your mind as you read the article.

the outreach of national legal systems

Dear All,

This NTY time article brings the story of US investigation of BNP, a French bank, on the ground of its activity in countries that are blacklisted by the US. Because BNP has operations in the US and is listed here it has to comply with the anti-territoriality laws of the US. Take note – we will discuss these issues in length in class 3.

The article is also illustrative of the role of governments in a global world and the importance of nationality., issues we discussed already and will continue to address throughout the course. BNP solicited the support of the French government.

between the “right to be forgotten” and the “right to know,”

Dear all,

This debate ,which is part of the broader concerns regarding privacy issues, has a number of interesting ramifications for issues that are pertinent to our course. It vividly illustrates differences in legal environments and cultural beliefs around the world and the challenges they pose for multinational companies operating in multiple countries.

I invite your thoughts and comments regarding the appropriate response of Google, as well as other US Internet companies likely to be affected by these issues, to these developments.

Here are links to two good articles on this issue that you may want to read to inform your thinking, but discussions abound everywhere.

Warm regards

Prof Nachum

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