Cultural hegemony is a concept developed by Italian scholar and activist Antonio Gramsci, which refers to domination, or rule, achieved through ideological (cultural) means. Inferring that a group of people can have the ability to hold power over social institutions, and “thus influencing the everyday thoughts, expectations, and behavior  of the of the rest of society by directing the normative ideas, values, and beliefs that become the dominant worldview of a society.”

Evaluate the concept displayed in this picture. (Profit being the top thing.)
Evaluate the concept displayed in this picture. (Profit being the top thing.)

Gramsci made this concept based on Karl Marx’s theory by framing the worldview of the ruling class, and the social and economic structures with it, as just, legitimate, and designed for the benefit of all.

Its the consent that is given to the rule of dominant group is achieved “by the spread of dominant ideologies via social institutions like education, media, family, religion, politics, and law, among others.”

And what do you see in your every day social media?

*DING! DING! DING!, “We have a winner!”* Celebrities is the ‘correct answer’…

So to  sum it all up so far; culture is not biological but however it is constructed the person with the most power, which money is said to be power and vice versa, and the most capital that society is exposed to everyday are celebrities; thus concluding that celebrities construct our culture (norms, values, and etc).


The video conducted above by actress, Amanda Stenberg, talked about how white celebrities stole African-Americans styles and how they would enhance themselves to achieve looks of an African-American person. Look at the underground evidence provided in this video. These things that celebrities promote conduct them more capital and mainstream, known as cultural appropriation.

The things presented by these celebrities are then followed by the million of followers/fans they have. This would be known to the followers (or everyday working class) as keeping up with the “trend”.