Oh, Canada! (Country Change; Proposal Memo #2)

No, Canada is not another state. Located in the northern region of North of America, the country borders itself with the United States and is home to 35 million inhabitants. English and French are the two dominant languages, particularly in vastly populated urban areas: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

With recent headlines surrounding an attack on a mosque and the recent arrest of a dual citizen to have been part of the alleged Russian hacking of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the country has emerged as a hot topic of sorts when it comes to extradition, emigration, and how the U.S. financial shift will affect the nation.

I’m looking to delve deeper into what makes Canada stand out as a country that provides universal healthcare to its citizens, still has close ties to its British mother, but remains as politically independent as any nation can be.

Ranked 18th on the 2016 list of World Press Freedoms, the country’s journalists enjoy more freedom than that of the United States, which is ranked 41st.

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