President Park Geun-Hye Impeach Scandal Pitch

Park Geun-Hye was South Korea’s first female President whom many people had great hopes for because of that reason. However, last year it was found out she had been taking bribes from big companies like Samsung and letting her best friend, Choi Soon-Il, have high government clerance and use company money that was given to the President to benefit her own benefit.

She was finaly impeached last week by the federal court, and the heir of Samsung was arrested, showing the people that coorporations that make such a big part of the country’s economy are no longer safe from justice as they have been in past scandals.

I wanted to do a kind of timeline that would take the whole scandal and explain it beginning to end. I want it to be for someone who has never heard of it, or has very little knowledge of it. Initially I wanted to gear this towards the youth that might want a connection to their country but find it too hard to follow newspapers and often get lost in the many articles there is of the scandals. However, I think I want to do a simple timeline, written, but with graphics obviously.

My main source who is a well educated man who grew up in Korea and studied in Europe reccently emailed me back telling me he finished his phD so he’ll be my main source for opinions and explanations of what happened and what the attitude of the people has been throughout the scandal. I’m also hoping to talk to a student or someone younger to get that Korean-American view as opposed to a more educaed Korean view.

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