Mentors, Friends, and Adversaries

Hi, interns:

A few weeks back, Sarah and Wyatt brought up the fact that while everyone in their office is generally cool, they were both experiencing some tensions with their immediate supervisor. This is a very typical situation–you can’t choose the people you work with (just like you can’t choose your relatives!), and so it’s almost guaranteed that eventually, someone or other you cross paths with will be someone you don’t get along with brilliantly. Are you experiencing any personality conflicts this semester, with people you are working with? And if so, how are you dealing with it?

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5 Responses to Mentors, Friends, and Adversaries

  1. Yatkei Fung says:

    Currently I don’t have any personality conflicts with my supervisor and co-workers. They are all very nice and we work very well together.

    Maybe the main reason is because the department I am working in is probably the smallest in the company. There are only 3-4 people, excluding me.

  2. Emily Hall says:

    I had a conflict with one of the artists I was dealing with about a month back.. I was supposed to get him to a studio session with a well known producer and he didnt show up for the appointment! I had to track him down and then when I did he tried to ask me out on a date which I obviously turned down! This is something Ive had to deal with since I started working in the music industry… but I just told him that if he wants to get anywhere with his music he better respect the people trying to help him and show up on time and ready to work!

  3. Demitri Kesoglides says:

    At Atlantic, I work in the new media department which is very large, so it was originally quite intimidating to get to know everyone. I continue to have a not-so-great relationship with my supervisor, mainly because she’s not really a people-person (nothing personal I guess). I go to meetings every other week or so with my Human Resources manager to get some advice and tips and how to act in a particular situation if there is tensioned involved. Although I felt one time I was mistreated unfairly, I have ALWAYS remained respectful no matter what. Also, this was a blessing in disguise. Since I didn’t really have that one-on-one mentoring from my supervisor, it allowed me to meet and greet with others in the department for help on certain topics & projects. My good friends in the department would have to be the Street Team. They always explain WHY they are giving me a particular project & how it directly correlates to the industry itself, rather than giving me just instructions and a deadline. I am heavily grateful for this experience, although I feel I didn’t get to showcase my full abilities as a creative thinker. But this is commonplace in a large business. However, I most definitely feel that I have spread my name around adequately enough, Professors and friends of mine alike really aren’t lying when they say networking is key.

  4. Evelyn Yan says:

    I think the supervisor I started off with didn’t really like me. It wasn’t exactly a friendly vibe compared to the way he treats the intern that he had specifically hired himself. But luckily, I was able to prove myself at a show and he said I did well. And thereafter, he got promoted & I was directly under another supervisor whom I knew before hand. I haven’t exactly been able to officially meet those around my cubicle. Everyone seems to stick to their own department only. But nonetheless, my relationship with my current supervisor is going well.

  5. Mike Marceante says:

    I have no problems at all with my supervisor or anyone at the label. The label is based in London where most of the team is but the New York office runs the whole US. It’s small so theres only 3 people actually working plus I, the intern. Everyone vibes very well so its a great environment.

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