End-of-Semester meeting on Thursday, May 14 at 1pm


Please remember that there is an end-of-semester meeting for all interns on Thursday, May 14 at 1pm in room VC 7-215. Please bring your 5-pp. writeup recounting your experiences as an intern this semester, and be prepared to give a brief (no more than five minutes) rundown during the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you all, and hearing about your experiences,

Prof. Wollman

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Mentors, Friends, and Adversaries

Hi, interns:

A few weeks back, Sarah and Wyatt brought up the fact that while everyone in their office is generally cool, they were both experiencing some tensions with their immediate supervisor. This is a very typical situation–you can’t choose the people you work with (just like you can’t choose your relatives!), and so it’s almost guaranteed that eventually, someone or other you cross paths with will be someone you don’t get along with brilliantly. Are you experiencing any personality conflicts this semester, with people you are working with? And if so, how are you dealing with it?

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Hi, interns:

Once, I was talking to my dissertation advisor, many years ago, and I mentioned a colleague of ours who always wears suits. Whereas suits make perfect sense in some realms, ethnomusicologists tend not to wear them. Ever. Once, I saw my diss. advisor in a tie, and just to protest the need to wear one, he affixed it to his shirt with a paper clip in lieu of a proper tie-clip. And, in keeping with his (and my) dress-code, my diss. advisor, grizzled hippie and messy dresser that he is, replied, “Suits? He wears SUITS? Why would he do that? I chose this field specifically so that I would NEVER have to wear suits!” In short, we’re all slobs in my field.

Now, this might seem superficial, but I think somehow that the way you like to look influences the career direction you take. All the clothes-horses I knew in high school and college are now in law, business, fashion, or some similar high-paying gig; all the slobs (myself included) are teachers, artists, musicians, journalists, and other comparatively low-paying gigs. So I ask you: how do people dress in your work-place, and how do you fit in? And does that make a difference to you, or not at all?

Just wondering…

Slobbily yours,

Prof. Wollman

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Another Summer Opportunity (Unpaid)

Hi, interns:

This might be of interest to some of you, especially if you’re thinking about working on grass-roots or local festival programming. It’s unpaid, but might work for credit if you have not yet done MSC 5051 and want to over the summer:


My name is Amanda and I am working on a wonderful local music festival called Make Music New York. MMNY is a festival created to celebrate music, summer, and community. Last year, on the summer solstice, MMNY coordinated 875 free outdoor concerts across New York City in an incredible array of genres and locations- from the New York City Opera to Tuvan throat singers to underground MCs, amateurs and professionals, young and old, on sidewalks, gardens and parks, from the Bronx to Coney Island.
I am looking to recruit people to be neighborhood organizers for lower Manhattan (everything below 59th st). Over the next three months, working with an experienced MMNY manager, Neighborhood Organizers will inspire and coordinate dozens of MMNY concerts in their communities. I thought this might be a perfect opportunity for music business, music, and performing arts students at Baruch College to become involved in the local music community.
While I am looking for organizers specifically for lower Manhattan we also need organizers for upper Manhattan and other NYC boroughs.  I am attaching a flier with the information and pasting the text below. I would love it if it could be passed on to teachers, students, and anyone else you think might be interested in this wonderful opportunity!

Thank you for your help and support.

Amanda Davidowitz

Needed: Downtown Manhattan Neighborhood Organizers

Hundreds of volunteers have come together over the last two years to put on Make Music New York — the largest musical event in NYC history. Thousands of amateur musicians, in every genre, played on the sidewalks for the biggest crowds of their lives. Professional musicians performed for new audiences, who came out from under their headphones to hear unfamiliar groups risk-free. And everyone was invited to sing along and enjoy the first day of summer.

Now, with your help, we’re going to make it even bigger. For the third annual festival on Sunday, June 21, 2009, we will empower 150 New Yorkers to serve as MMNY Neighborhood Organizers.

Over the next three months, working with an experienced MMNY manager, Neighborhood Organizers will inspire and coordinate dozens of MMNY concerts in their communities.

As an Organizer, you will:

* Meet hundreds of local musicians
* Develop relationships with venues in your area
* Decide how to promote your neighborhood’s concerts on the MMNY website, in our Metro New York program, etc
* Collaborate with other organizers throughout NYC
* Become the face of MMNY in your community, and a year-round liaison between performers and spaces
* (Optional) Create a MMNY mini-festival of your own design

Organizers will work in teams of 1-4 people in each precinct, on their own schedule.

Check out our Websites:



Sign up on the website or email us with any questions about becoming a downtown Manhattan Neighborhood Organizer: MMNYorganizer09@gmail.com

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Summer Job Opportunity

Howdy, interns:

This was forwarded to me by our department chair. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can help with your application, if you like. Blue Lake is up in Northern Michigan, which is drop-dead beautiful, and this sounds like a nice gig:

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is seeking strong college music education students to serve as counselors for the summer, and openings are still available.

Staff positions at Blue Lake give college students great experience as mentors and leaders with jr high and high school age students. Staff members also have a wide range of performance opportunities as a part of their work assignments. Opportunities to teach sectional classes to our younger students are available for more advanced applicants. The date commitment runs from June 22nd-August 23rd and salaries range from $1,400-$2,300 (plus room and board) based on experience.

Below, please find basic information about our staff positions. Specific information and application materials are  also available on our website here: Staff Positions. Also, please feel free to contact us directly at employment@bluelake.org Thank you for your support!

Adrian Cook, Assistant Camp Director
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp


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I am missing contracts from the following students, and MUST HAVE THEM NOW. They were due weeks ago. Please know that your final grade cannot be processed without them, and that failure to get them to me in a timely manner will affect your final grade. Again, get them to me as soon as you possibly can.

In the meantime, if I do not have a form for you, please email me RIGHT THIS MINUTE with your internship site and contact information.

Professor Wollman

Forms are needed from:

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Career-defining, or just another job?

Hi, interns:

This is a fairly straightforward question: How are  you liking your internship so far? I’m interested in hearing from you about how your experiences are helping to shape your career plans. Are you having a good experience or a bad one? Or is it somewhere in-between? And how is your experience shaping your career plans?

Your thoughts and experiences might well change over the course of your internship, so don’t be surprised if I ask you this particular question again, further on down the road.


Prof. Wollman

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Can you describe the vibe?

Hi, interns:

So, you’ve been at your internship for at least a week, in most cases. Some questions for you, to mark the occasion: what’s the overall sense that you get in your new workplace? Are you liking the job/people/environment? Are you comfortable there? Should it matter? Weigh in if you like, and I will, too.

Happy interning,

Prof. Wollman

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