About the Event:

ISLA and BLS partnered again to celebrate Carnival/Carnaval for a second year with a virtual party and speaker event on Wednesday, February 23rd, 6-8 pm! We were delighted to welcome back our wonderful faculty and staff speakers who made last year’s event so memorable: Prof. Rojo Robles (BLS), Prof. Gisele Regatão (JRN), Prof. Tshombe Miles (BLS), and Harmony Osei (Honors Program), with a musical assist from Prof. Pablo Peixoto (Nat Sci) and his Spotify Samba playlist!

Time and Date:

Wednesday, February 23rd

6-8:00pm on Zoom


  • We learned from Professor Gisele Regatao (JRN) about The Origins of Brazilian Samba.
  • Professor Tshombe Miles (BLS) shared with us about Brazilian Carnival Sites of Protest, Love, and Pleasure.
  • Professor Rojo Robles (BLS) covered information on Black Festivities, Music, Dance, and Art in Puerto Rico.
  • Ms. Harmony Osei from the Honors Program presented on West Indian Celebration of Culture: NYC Style.
  • We were joined by ASEDOM’s President Alexa Eusebio who shared with us a Carnaval testimonial and we learned more about ASEDOM’s Carnaval event.
  • We got to listen to Samba Music thanks to Professor Pablo Peixoto (Nat Sci) with the Spotify Samba playlist he made for us.

Listen to Samba’s Playlist Here.

Watch Video Here