About the Event: Students joined ISLA and Latinx Heritage Month for A Trip Around Las Américas!  and “traveled” to countries like Mexico, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic to learn more about these countries in Latin America and the Caribbean region. They learned the similarities that bind the very varied countries of this region deeply together,  through looking at their culture, customs, traditions, food, and music to understand what makes these countries similar and unique. For this event, we have partnered with MexiCulture and ASEDOM.

Time and Date:

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

1-2pm on Zoom


  • It was Latinx Heritage Month last event, with a turnout of 60 participants
  • Students got to learn more about the history, food, tradition, and music from student organization leaders and ISLA’s Coordinator of Student Affairs
  • There was a raffle at the end and 4 students won Amazon gift cards
  • We took a photo with all the participants and many of them turned on their cameras at the end

Watch Here:

Co-sponsor: The Latinx Heritage Month, ASEDOM, MexiCulture