About the Event:

We invited First Year and transfer students to join us on Zoom for their Primer Cafecito at Baruch — a brief and informal introduction to the key programs, offices, and Latinx student organizations at Baruch dedicated to advancing student’s academic and future professional success!  This event followed the tradition familiar to most Latinx households –  el cafecito de la tarde. The most enriching and engaging conversations happen over an afternoon coffee, and this is what Primer Cafecito aimed to do.

Time and Date:

Tuesday September 14th, 2021

1-2pm on zoom


  • It was ISLA’s launching event for its second year at Baruch.
  • At Primer Cafecito 2021, students got to meet the key people in our partner organizations and programs who are helping Baruch students like you thrive now, and into the future:
    •  Ingrid Tineo– STARR Career Development Center
    • Valeria L. Hymas– Fellowships Advising Office
    • Harmony D. Osei- Honors Program
    • Jael Amador- The Counseling Center
    • Yousef Tehrani- The Writing Center
    • Chris Tingue– The Study Abroad Office
    • Alise Eramian– Office of Health and Wellness
    • TBA – Baruch Climate Scholars Programs
  • Students met the leaders from our student partner organizations
    • ASEDOM
    • MexiCulture
  • A handbook named “Primer Cafecito” was sent to students at the end of the event. The handbook is a guide with all the resources offered by ISLA, and at Baruch for career readiness and the study of Latin America. It also includes ISLA’s full-year calendar and a faculty directory.

Watch Here:

Co-sponsor: The Latinx Heritage Month, ASEDOM, MexiCulture, Honors Program, Writing Center, Fellowship Office, Office of Health and Wellness, Study Abroad Office, and the Starr Career Development Center,The Counseling Center, The writing Center.