Black Friday

Black friday for employees

While black Friday may seem as a day for utter happiness for most who go out looking for cheaper prices on many things, employees at retails understand that its going to be a very long day. Companies require every employee under payroll to work that day despite the significance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Three shifts for the whole event usually surface, if you take the overnight shift you get no sleep, if you take the morning to afternoon shift you deal with the heaviest traffic of the whole day and if you take the afternoon to night shift you are tasked with recovery and closing of the store which may mean you wont get home until 3 to 4 am Saturday morning. All in all this is just a fun power point with some pictures of the hectic day. Please note that I would greatly appreciate If this power point does not leave the confines of this blog for the sake of the privacy of the company for which I work, which could lead me to some trouble.


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