Been where? Going there!

Over the past eighteen years, there have been countless experiences that have shaped who I am. The most recent experience was last summer, when I worked as a manager at 32 degree froyo. My job as a manager included training new staff, overseeing andĀ delegatingĀ tasks to my co-workers, along with refilling yogurt toppings and ringing up customers at the cash register. By no means was working at this froyo lounge my first job, however, it was here where I developed my values in hard work and the benefits that stem from it- my paycheck at the end of my 32 hour work weeks were proof that the fruits of my labor had paid off! After getting off at 12:30 am four times a week (it was a 3:30pm -12:15am work shift), I arrived home with not just sore legs and throbbing feet, but also a sense of accomplishment and pride that I had worked and done my best. Working at the 32 degrees froyo also helped me learn the value of patience especially when dealing with difficult customers. Being that the froyo lounge had just opened up, and it was new to our tight knit, small jewish community in Great Neck, many customers had questions about which yogurts and toppings were kosher. With that being said, many customers were quite rude and angry to us workers when they found out that not everything in the store was kosher. This definitely taught me patience and endurance because I learned that I must always be cordial to customers no matter how badly they treat me.

Being a freshman at Baruch College is definitely daunting but exciting. I am looking forward to so many new experiences that are ahead of me- such as landing my first real internship with a major company, acing that impossible test that I studied hours for, and meeting new people from different diverse backgrounds. I am very hopeful that I will do my best academically. I am concerned that I will not be able to keep up with the high speed pace of our school work.

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  1. It’s nice to see how much you’ve learned from your job experience. And I like that you had the patience to put up with so many rude customers.

    I also like your enthusiasm in accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve all the best!

  2. 12:30 AM?!?!? Nevertheless, your hard work paid off.

    You are going to do well. It’s all about time management which I also need to work on.

  3. Kaitlin,

    I completely understand needing patience because I am a supervisor at Stop & Shop! I am so happy that you have decided to learn from the experience as opposed to just ‘dissing’ it. The leadership and customer relations skills you are learning are invaluable and something you can definately discuss in an interview.

    I know the pace of college is very fast, but as long as you try to keep up with your reading you will be okay. Try to take advantage of your train rides and gaps that are longer than 30 minutes. Every little bit of time counts.


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