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Next Steps…

These past few months at Baruch have been crazy! I’ve had so many papers, tests and presentations- it gets overwhelming at times. Luckily, I have discovered just how helpful the Writing Center is with helping me proof read and revise my essays especially for English class. I simply send my essay to the Writing Center online and when I open up my Baruch email the next morning, a revised version of my essay is waiting for me, full of gramatical corrections and suggestions for my paper. This has certainly been a huge help! At Baruch, I am involved in the Intervarsity Christian Club. The people in this club are very welcoming, and I have met many new friends through this club. Resources such as The Writing Center and The Sac will definitely give me an edge in my future courses at Baruch. The Writing Center will help me be able to do the best I am capable of on my English Essays- helping me to catch my gramatical mistakes and flaws in my papers. My understand of community service has evolved as a result of my participation in this project. It has made me more aware of the many organizations in New York City that are dedicated in helping causes such as homelessness, blindness, and HIV. I am excited to volunteer at Lighthouse and the many other non profit organizations that I will be involved with in the future.

In the next three years, I can see myself continuing my education at Baruch, majoring in either Marketing or Accounting. I know these next few years will be academically rigorous, however I am excited to learn and be challenged. I will continue my adventure living in New York City, discovering what New York City has to offer. I am excited for what lies ahead because I know I have a bright future ahead.

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What does it mean to serve your community?

As a Baruch Scholar, my role at Baruch is to gain as much intellectual and practical knowledge as my brain can absorb and soak up. I look forward to taking insanely difficult courses with intimidating professors and learn from my outrageously smart peers in order to be the best student and ultimately employee, I can be. However, my role as a Baruch Scholar does not stop with just the intellectual aspects of being a student. Instead, being a Baruch Scholar means that because we are so unbelievably fortunate to be educated without having to pay a cent for it, it is our duty to become students who desire to give back to others less fortunate along with our local community at Baruch. As scholars, we are not entitled to have this amazing free education just because we all studied hard in high school. However, because we are given this unique opportunity, we should desire to help those in need, who are less fortunate than we are. My perspective on our role as Baruch Scholars is similar to the culture of service the Honors Program promotes. I also believe that not just the Honors Program at Baruch but  colleges across the United States should have this emphasis on community service and on giving back to others around us. Considering that most of the world does not have this opportunity to go to college and achieve higher education, I believe our role as college students as a whole, should donate some of our time to serve our community.

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