Customer Discovery & Prototype

Problem: A parent with a child who feels like their child needs help with reading skills.

This problem is important because parent want their child to succeed during school and with the problem of their child needing help with reading skills, it gives a disadvantage to their child compared to other kids in the class. Struggling in reading is tough for young children.

Ways to solve this problem:

– Online tutoring. Since the start of the pandemic and COVID, a lot of things have been online so online tutoring would be able to help the child’s safety and be able to learn at the same time.

– In person tutoring. If you as the parent are fine with your child to go in person and feel as if your child is safe with someone tutoring your child, then in person tutoring is also helpful.

– Create a reading app. This reading app allows your child to read a story/book from an electronic device and after they have read everything, they will be quizzed right after they are finished. This allows your child to make sure they have read through the story/book thoroughly for them to answer these questionnaires correctly.

– Opening a reading school. Sending your child to a reading school could help your child. 1-3 hours of extra reading will improve your child’s reading skills.

– Extra after school time with teacher. Allowing the child to go to extra after school time with the teacher can help improve their reading skills because they are spending extra time with their teachers getting help with a reading they are struggling with.

– Talking to the teacher. Talking to the teacher in general would help your child. They know the best on what is best for a student’s learning in school.

– Have your child read out loud. Reading out loud makes sure your child is reading everything word by word and gives them time to process what they are reading which allows them to improve reading comprehensions.

– Supplementing your child’s reading. If your child is struggling with a particular book, you can always try to help with getting them easy to read books or magazines on the topic.


I didn’t get feedback to this problem solution/problem definition because for week 1 I started off with a problem and by the time I got to week 3, I started becoming confused. I ended up going back to square one, back to the drawing board and coming up with another problem solution. I did learn something though. I learned that with problem solution/problem definition there is a lot of creativity involved as well as improvements/innovations towards each problem solution/definition. I also learned for myself that there was failure to my problem since I had to go back to week 1 and create a different problem solution.

Across from the feedback and comments with my first problem solution I had which was “people being lazy to get up and apply for jobs since unemployment is paying them without people actually working”, it was a bit confusing leading on to how I personally can solve this problem. In the long run, this isn’t a problem I can solve. The government can solve this problem, not me. I learned failure from my first solution which is why I created another problem solution/definition. From the feedback and other examples across from my users, it allowed me to create and understand a decent problem solution.

I came up with new problem solution. The new problem solution/definition is a parent with a child who feels like their child needs help with reading skills.

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